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Doug Thompson took some pictures of the eclipse today taken from the clunch pit. Two were taken with astrosolar film which protects your eyes from uv/ray’s and allows you to see sunspots . One taken with no filter and fixed to a tripod and greatly underexposed.

Trumpington Meadows Primary School

The process of public consultation prior to submitting the plans for planning permission for the Trumpington Meadows primary school is now beginning. As the school will be in the Haslingfield Parish and will include community facilities for the village, it is therefore of interest even to residents without school-aged children.

The plans are not now going to be displayed in Waitroses’ foyer as it is felt that it is too close to Christmas and would be too crowded!   However, they can now be viewed online at 

Please send your thoughts and comments on these and other elements of the design proposals to, by Wednesday 5 January 2011.

HPC Audit complete


The annual audit of the Parish Accounts and Records is now complete, and has been closed by the auditors Moore Stephens of Peterborough. This notice will be displayed for fourteen days from today, any enquiries to the Parish Clerk.

Janet Hendy, Parish Clerk, 01223 870270

12th August 2010