Pilates for All

Pilates for All – Movement for Life classes are held in Haslingfield Methodist Church on Thursday evenings from 6.15pm until 9.30pm. There are two classes, primarily for ladies, and a men only class. Classes are progressive so you are required to sign up for a minimum of a six-week block.

The classes are run by Lindsay Sandhurst, who is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher, which is one of the most well-known training bodies for Pilates worldwide. 

Private 1-to-1 sessions can also be taken in your own home or at Lindsay’s home. 

For more details, please contact Lindsay lindsaypilates@btinternet.com / 07711 764930 / 01223 874656 / www.pilatesforall.net

More about Body Control Pilates:

Body Control Pilates is remarkably effective – and medically-approved. It is of a holistic nature, being based upon a well-constructed philosophical foundation. Central to the Method is ‘awareness of your own body’ and each and every exercise is built around its eight basic principles: 

  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Co-ordination
  • Centring
  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Stamina  
  • Flowing Movements

By working on the deep architectural structure of the body, ‘core stability’ is achieved, and then maintained, through increasingly complex movement sequences. Specific problem-areas can be targeted by an exercise, but always in relation to the rest of one’s body.

 Your body awareness is heightened by bringing together mind and body – Body Control Pilates literally teaches you to be in control of your body, allowing you to handle stress more effectively and achieve relaxation more easily.