Haslingfield United Charities

Haslingfield United Charities were established to support the education of our children, to provide funds to maintain the Church and help vulnerable members of the community.

The first recorded charitable donation was by the Vicar, Richard Harrington, in 1521 when he left 3s 4d to support members of the community. Simon Ertman, a Danish acquaintance of Dr Thomas Wendy endowed this charity with £400 in 1658, a vast sum at today’s values.

In the past 499 years more individuals established charities in the village that were all amalgamated in 1864 to become Haslingfield United Charities under the governance of the Charity Commissioners.

Our present commitments include:

  • Annual funding to support a Teaching Assistant at the school.
  • Supporting young people from the village who apply for small grants to help with the extra curricula activities during their school years not funded from other sources.
  • When children leave school they are able to apply for grants towards their continuing education, for example, purchasing tools for apprenticeships, computers for continuing academic studies, for support towards travel for educational development and other educational need.

Our charities also support maintenance of the Church tower, steeple and church clock.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we have offered funding to be administered by the School to support vulnerable children who may be in need of support with school materials, paper, printer cartridges etc. whilst being home schooled.

Presently our funding is limited to rental income from a property and income from our investments.  Sadly, these income streams are now hardly able to sustain the Charities’ committed funding for our community.

We will however continue to support to the community and in turn we hope that the community will in turn continue to support us as it has for almost 500 years for the benefit of our current and future younger generations. To this end, we would welcome any donations to help the work of the Haslingfield United Charities.

For more information please contact Wendy Timbs at 45 Badcock Road, Haslingfield

John Offord
Haslingfield United Charities
May 2020

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  • John Roadley


    Michael Coles from your history group passed me on to you.I am researching the River Rhee for our website above s it forms the parish boundary between our village and yours. There is a part where the river follows 3 sides of an approximate rectangle enclosing an area of about 1 acre. On a 1951 sales brochure for Harston Manor, this area is shown as belonging to the Manor and called ‘The Holt’. I then came across a reference elsewhere to ‘Clock Holt’ in Haslingfield. It was not shown on a map but the description seemed to refer to the same place. I understand that, historically, income from this land was used for the maintenance of the Haslingfield church clock.
    I wondered whether you could throw any light on the. Is it the same piece of land? To whom does it belong? How did it get to be that shape? Any other into?
    Many thanks


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