Faith to Live by Services

These meetings are held at 6.30pm on Sunday once per month at the Methodist Church and include a short period of worship with an address by an invited speaker, followed by refreshments and informal discussion.  Everyone welcome.

Bonfire Night 2012

Bonfire NightA celebration by the Haslingfield/Barton Scout Group and Haslingfield Playschool will be held in the Well House Meadow, Haslingfield on Saturday 3 November. Gates open at 6.00 p.m. (firework display at 6.30. p.m.)   Read more


Charity Fair, HaslingfieldMethodistChurch
November 17th     11am   –  2.30pm

15 different charities will be represented here to raise money for a variety of causes, and to share information about their charities. Read more


Saturday 17th November
Haslingfield Methodist Church
11.00am to 2.30pm

Do you have a favourite registered charity?
Would you like to promote the charity, and raise money for it?
You are invited to have a table (no charge!) and join with other registered charities to make this an enjoyable and worthwhile event. Read more

Olga Murkin – In Memoriam

Olga has been a popular and dedicated contributor to the life of Haslingfield village for over forty years.  Her skills have been widely offered to a diverse range of groups from brownies to the church and too many more to list in between. Read more

Trumpington Farm Company – Farm Walk

13 October 2012, 10:00 – 12:00, Cantelupe Farm

The ‘walk’ will take the form of a tractor and trailer ride around Cantelupe Farm and Trumpington Fen showing the latest developments on the Estate, discussing crops, wildlife and farming methods with the David Knott, the General Manager, and Richard Pemberton. Spaces will be limited to 25 in the trailer, children welcome. Please register your interest at


Over The Hedge – news from Trumpington Farm Company, Cantelupe Farm

Much has changed at Trumpington Farm Company in the last year. Firstly after nine years as Farm Manager for TFC Andrew Crossley has moved to the team at Thurlow Estate near Haverhill. In 2007 the operational running of TFC passed to Richard Pemberton from his father Antony, who continues to manage the Peterborough operations. In November, Richard welcomed David Knott to the team, who brings his wife Sue and family from Lincolnshire. As the new General Estate Manager, David is responsible not only for farming matters, but also wider estate issues. Read more

Midsummer Strawberries

Are you going to STRAWBERRY FAYRE, delicious food, strawberries and fun? It’s in Methodist Gardens, inside if not fine, there you’ll find you have a good time. Barbeque, cold buffet, strawberries and cream, ice cream. Fun and games. Various stalls, including a cake stall. This FAYRE raises money for The Cambridge Food Bank, Haslingfield Playgroup and Methodist Church. Admission is by an item of imperishable food to add to The Food Bank. Friday, 13 July, 5:30 – 7:45 PM.

Fake Football Scout

Cambridgeshire FA have warned all local youth football clubs that there is a gentleman posing as a football scout for Ipswich Town, attending football tournaments in the East Anglia region. Cambs FA are asking people to please be on their guard as he is apparently approaching youngsters direct at these tournaments. Ipswich Town have confirmed that this person has nothing to do with the football club. He wears an Ipswich Town top and is very convincing.

All football scouts have a code of conduct to follow and they are not allowed to approach youngsters direct.

All County Football Club Welfare Officers in the area have been alerted.

The Travellers

Many villagers are aware that some travellers have chosen to park their vehicles by the tennis courts on the village rec. The website team understand that the latest infomation is that an eviction order has been issued by the bailiff.  The website believes that this means the travellers have until Monday evening at 7pm to move off site otherwise they will be towed off on Tuesday morning.  It is also understood that the same travellers have just been evicted from Fowlmere and previously from Newton. It is also understood that the travellers are well behaved.

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