Burglars Target School

It is with sad regret that we have to announce that vandalism and heavy malicious damage occurred to school property at 8pm on the night of 16/01/13. Some items were also stolen. If you have any information or spot any suspicious activities, please report it to police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Demolition crew unearths key to forgotten thousands

Demolition work is under way at the 80-year-old cement works at Barrington, where owner Cemex closed its manufacturing plant five years ago. Workmen pulling down buildings on an industrial site have found an old briefcase containing documents that could mean a windfall for a local charity. Read more

Haslingfield Bus Transport Meeting

Haslingfield Village Hall, Wednesday January 16th  7.30pm

This meeting is being held for Haslingfield residents to express their needs for the future regarding bus transport, as the County Council has voted to stop subsidising our route (amongst many), and to offer alternatives. Read more

Film Club

movie cameraThe next film show will be at Friday 18th January 2013 at 7.30pm in Haslingfield Methodist Church.  Admission is free.   Running time c. 14o min.   Tea/Coffee half way through, collection to cover refreshments and use of room. Read more

More memories of Nora Cannell

As our thoughts move away from log fires to warmer times, this month’s extract from Nora Cannell’s memories about her Haslingfield childhood looks at the summer holidays of long ago.

Like most of the children in the village, Nora helped out at harvest-time. Read more

Police Arrest Man in Fountain Lane

Police have arrested a man they found in a garden in Fountain Lane in connection with an overturned car found in Haslingfield. Earlier Police with sniffer dogs were searching for a man with one trainer and a suspected head injury after a car overturned in the village.

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Memories of a Haslingfield Childhood – III

Nora Cannell apparently travelled to school every day on a bicycle that she shared with two others. She also had to carry with her her packed lunch, because there were no school meals during the first quarter of the twentieth century. She recalls one family from Cantelupe who brought “a grey, anaemic-looking mass” every day. Tom, the boy, regularly threw this mass against a brick wall at the school, where it failed to disintegrate (mass and wall!).

Nora was a dab hand at marbles and the spinning top, and regularly trundled hoops down the streets of the village. On Shrove Tuesdays children met at a specially-erected sweet stall near Camping Close and Glebe Road. During the three-day Whitsun Feast swing boats, sideshows and sweet stalls were erected on the village green. There was also a dancing booth, with a roped-in platform. Harvest time was also one of great joy for local children, but more of that next month. Happy Christmas!

Burglary in New Road Yesterday

There has been burglary overnight at New Rd, Haslingfield  28/11/2012 – 29/11/2012: a vehicle was also stolen; can you please canvass members for any witnesses or suspicious activity.  Any information call 101 – Quote REF:CF-0477821112

Kind regards  Rachel Carr, Crime Reduction Officer (South Cambs), Histon Police Station

15 Mowlam Close, Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9NA,  Tel: 101, Fax: 01223 823715


Winter Gritting Volunteers Required

Haslingfield Needs YOU!

We feel that local residents should have more of a stake in their own roads, paths and verges, and can respond quickly when needed – in wintry weather, for example, when the main road gritting services may be at full stretch.

Cambridgeshire County Council is providing free training, equipment and insurance for parishes to run volunteer schemes to grit footpaths and cycleways not covered by the County Council’s gritters. Read more

Ash Watch: How to spot ash dieback disease

In response to the Forestry Commission announcement that Chalara ash dieback has been found in the woods and hedgerows of East Anglia, the Parish Council would encourage residents to keep a watchful eye out for the disease, which causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and can lead to tree death. The disease is most likely to be found in newly planted young trees.

The Forestry Commission has a helpful webpage which shows confirmed infections just on the village doorstep and gives a description and advice (video and pictures) on how to look for the symptoms. The Woodland Trust also has practical advice on what you can do including vigilant inspections for browning of leaves, especially for young trees planted within the last five years considered to be most at risk.

Please report any sightings or suspected cases of the disease immediately to:

Chalara helpline:
08458 33 55 77 (open 8am – 6pm every day)
Email Forestry Commission – plant.health@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

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