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Haslingfield Allotment Gardeners Association – AGM

vegetable_garden_194668The Haslingfield Allotment Gardeners Association (HAGA) is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 2nd December in the Little Rose Pub in the village from 7.30pm. We are looking for new members and anyone interested in helping with the allotments which are on the road to Harston. The site is currently fully occupied and no waiting list. Anyone with green fingers is welcome.

Ron van der Hoorn – Treasurer

Break in on Barton Road

burglarThere has been an opportunistic break in at 66 Barton Road earlier this afternoon (25 November) whilst the occupants were out  for a short while so there are people about looking around and knocking on doors waiting for just such an opportunity. So please keep an eye out for any unusual activity.

The police are interested if anyone has seen anything suspicious or has information.

Traffic Calming Measures

30mphCCC Highways and Communities Infrastructure Committee approved the Haslingfield Phase 1  at their meeting on Tuesday 18th November 2014 and CCC Highways now are going to place an order with Skanska for the work to be done. News on the work programme will follow soon.

Superfast broadband

superfast_broadband      Superfast broadband

The good news is that the dark green cabinets in Lilac Close and School Lane providing superfast broadband have now been connected to the exchange in Harston by OpenReach.  This means that most people in Haslingfield can now enjoy a much higher speed when connecting to the internet using Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) technology which is known as fibre optic. The actual speed you can get will depend on where you live in the village and how far you are away from the green cabinets, with a claimed maximum speed of almost 38Mbps if you are very close. You may also need a new type of router called a VDSL router in your premises as the technology is different from the existing technology called ADSL broadband, which is used by most people.

You will need to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they offer the fibre broadband service in Haslingfield. There are already quite a few companies offering it. A good starting point will be here:  (note: Some may not offer the service until the end of September)

Ron van der Hoorn
Broadband Champion for Haslingfield

Would You Like to be a Parish Councillor?

The Parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month in the Village Hall. It is responsible for advising SCDC on planning issues, the parish budget, management of the VillageHall, Skatepark, Play Area and Recreation ground, footpaths etc. If you are interested in becoming involved with running the parish and contributing to decision making which affects your village please contact the Parish Clerk, Frances Laville on 01223 874585

Traffic Calming

30mphBob Branch, Chairman of the Haslingfield Parish Council reported: “Skanska have completed draft drawings for the first stage of traffic calming  measures. They have been reviewed by HPC and are being amended slightly. The drawings will be discussed with CCC and CCC will then prepare draft Road Traffic Orders for publication and consultation. At present things are on track for completion of the work in late summer or autumn of this year. HPC are now considering possible measures for a second stage of work.”