Petanque Team Win Again

Haslingfield’s very own Petanque team, who’re based and play at the Little Rose Pub, had another win on Wednesday 26th August, beating the Chequers Boulangers of Barley 5-0. They’re currently second in Division 1 of the Central Cambs League, but they have two games in hand. There’s 11 teams in their league and they’ve won 9 out of 12 games so far this season. Their next home game is a local derby against the Hare and Hounds of Harlton, and will take place on Wednesday 9th September, with the game starting around 8pm.

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    The invitation from an ‘ol’ village boy’ to play here in France is always open. Like
    football, ‘playing in Europe’.
    Hospitality welcoming.
    Visitor information being posted to the ‘Little Rose’.
    Likewise a quiz team to join the annual Franco-British contest to raise money for
    cancer research to help overcome this condition that respects neither person nor
    frontier. The date , end of May next year.
    Neville James Cole


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