Waterboard’ Hoax Burglary Series – South Cambs 20/02/2015

Please be aware there have been a number of burglaries and attempted distraction burglaries that are believed to be linked.
A burglary was reported between 15:50 – 16:00hrs 18/02/2015 at Church Street, Haslingfield. A witness saw four males leaving the property they were described as tanned possible Eastern Mediterranean, one male was waiting in a vehicle nearby. He was described as unshaven, with dark hair, wearing a peaked cap. All the males wore fluorescent jackets.
A further offence of distraction burglary was reported 16:15 – 16:30hrs 18/02/2015 at High Street, Harlton. Two males wearing fluorescent jackets called at the address. One claimed the neighbouring property was having a problem with their watersupply, and he needed to locate the stop-cock. The male insisted he needed to check the ‘stop-cock’ inside the house by the water meter. The first male was described as in his 30’s with a deep scar on his right cheek. The second male was described as in his 20’s with a high pitched child-like voice. The occupants monitored the male during his visit, so fortunately no items were stolen.
This was a typical ‘Waterboard’ M.O. distraction burglary offence as the occupants were asked to turn on taps etc. The male that entered the property had a white I.D. card with ‘S something water’ written on it and a photo of himself.
A vehicle stolen from a burglary in Soham 18/02/2015 appears to be the same vehicle seen at the burglary scene in Haslingfield. This is thought to be a black Ford Focus Reg: EK57 H**.
There was also another linked burglary at Lower End, Swaffham Prior.
Please be especially vigilant if you are called on by males dressed as utility workers, or wearing high visibility clothing. Always keep your door shut, or use a door-chain if you have one until you are satisfied the callers are genuine. Don’t call a number the caller has given you but check your utility bill for the emergency contact number.
If you feel threatened or suspicious, contact the police on 999.

Kind regards
South Cambs. Neighbourhhood Team

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