‘Faith to Live By’ Services

A series of special services to explore what Christianity means in practice. 

All meetings will be at 6.30pm  on Sunday once per month at the Methodist Church.  Their format will vary, but will usually include a presentation by an invited speaker, followed by informal discussion and refreshments.  Everyone welcome.

We have another interesting and challenging series of Faith To Live By services planned for 2012-13.  The programme for this year includes
9th September, Tim Macquiban, “Methodists and Anglicans – Revising the Covenant: Pipedream or Living Hope?”
14th October, Jean & Michael Simmonds, “Faith for a Poverty-Stricken Slum”.
11th November, Graham Jones, “Small Church, Big Society: An Effective Christian Presence in the Countryside”.

We are currently finalising the programme up to Summer 2013 and this information will be circulated in a few weeks time.  As a taster, in February 2013, Revd Peter Graves will be reflecting on similarities and differences between in the church in America and Britain; and in June Revd Alan Boyd will talk about some of his challenges since going north.

Please put these dates in your diary if you like a different style of worship with refreshments and a conversation about a challenging topic.

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