Village Shop/Post Office

P10305642 Fountain Lane, Haslingfield, CB23 1LT
Tel: 01223 871 743

Opening Hours – Shop
Mondays to Fridays:   7.00 am – 8.00 pm
Saturdays:    8.00 am – 7.00 pm
Sundays:   8.00 am – 4.00 pm

We supply newspapers and magazines, a wide range of groceries and confectionery, fresh milk, hot drinks, cold drinks, wines and spirits, greeting cards and stationery, plus ‘bits and pieces’ such as batteries, drawing pins, etc. Fresh bread and cakes are delivered daily from Newnham Bakery and a selection of Hovis ready cut loaves are also available. You can order any type of bakery item. A dry cleaning service from Penguin Cleaners collects and delivers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also stock fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can also order whatever fruit & veg you’d like.

We have the NATIONAL LOTTERY and lottery scratch cards, and devote a full shop window to displaying personal adverts and event posters, at no charge.

Opening Hours – Post Office
Mondays to Fridays:   9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Saturdays:   9.00 am – 12.30 pm

Post Office Collection Times are Monday to Friday 12pm and 4pm. Saturday 10:30am.
Special Delivery, Signed For and International cut off times are 4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; 10.45am on Saturdays.

There are all the usual Post Office services plus you can make cash withdrawals from all major banks using bank cards and without charge.  Cheque and cash deposits can be made to Barclays, Lloyds, Halifax, HSBC/First Direct and Co-op/Smile.

For the convenience of everyone you can collect your parcels anytime during the shop hours. 7 days a week. For your parcel collection, post office hours do not apply.

The shop and post office were taken over by Popat Godhaniya and Bharti Godhaniya on Monday 16th October 2015. They have already increased the opening hours and are gradually increasing the range of stock and promise to refurbish the shop over time as well. They are keen to hear your views on the shop, including what it sells and when it’s open so either let them know, or post a comment here.

Comments (6)

  • Viv


    do you top up electricity meter cards at the shop?


  • popat


    Hi emily you can come anytime to collect your parcels dont worry about post offiice opening and closing hours


  • Emily Robb


    I find it hard to get to you when the Post Office is open to collect my signed for deliveries. Is it possible to collect them from the shop after 4.00pm instead? Having that flexibility would be very helpful.


  • pop


    Hi Mr Richard. collection time is Monday to Friday 12pm and 4pm. Saturday 10:30am.


  • Richard Thaxter


    I was looking for the postal collection times on the Post Office page. It would be handy to have them shown.



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