Public rights of way and countryside access

Alysoun Hodges at the Cambridge County Council Public Rights of Way and Access Team sent the attached 1:10000 map of the parish to the Haslingfield parish clerk in August 2011. It shows the public rights of way and countryside access opportunities in Haslingfield.

Ms Hodges described the map in the following way in her letter to the Parish Clerk Janet Hendy

“Please note that there may be some paths shown in unexpected places. This is because we are still part way (approximately 30% parishes complete) through our project to consolidate the Definitive Map. As a result, what is shown on the other 70% of parishes includes the strictly legal line of every path, and this may not reflect recent or even past diversions where the legal work is not yet complete. If you have any major concerns, please contact me by email. However, please be assured that we are on track to have the legal work for all parishes completed by mid-2012.

In the light of this, we plan to send all Parish Councils a paper copy of their legally up-to-date map of public rights of way at the end of the project. In the meantime, we will not be able to provide paper copies except as part of particular casework. Most local printers should be able to print you a hard copy of the map either from an email or from a CD/Memory stick. We are more than happy for you to add the PDF to Parish websites or to use them to produce village maps.”

The size of the map is 2MB and is available for download from this site using the following link.   Foot Paths In Haslingfield

The parish council in conjunction with the Environment Working Party have also created a leaflet to show footpaths and suggested walks in and around the parish which is Here.

The map is the property of the Parish Council, but individuals can print it out for their own use.

We’d be interested in any comments you may have about the map.

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