Friends of Haslingfield Church (FoHC)

Set up in 2009, Friends of Haslingfield Church was an independent, registered charity dedicated to the care, preservation and development of Haslingfield Church and its surroundings for the benefit of the whole village.  Its purpose was to promote wider community use of the building and grounds, and make it more financially self-supporting.  To this end it raised funds and provided effort and skills directed towards specific projects, chosen to be relevant to its long term aims or of particular urgency.  The Charity was closed in 2013, though two of its volunteers continue to maintain the ‘Glebe Wood’, one of its early projects.  The remaining funds were donated to the church and are being held in a dedicated account to cover the long term maintenance costs of the woodland – a much loved amenity, especially for children. 

All Saints Church is a historic 14th Century building standing at the heart of the village.  It is also a 21st Century living part of the community:  weddings, christenings, funerals, fetes, festivals, music, dancing, arts and drama – all are on the increase as our village grows.  Just imagine the loss of amenity if the church building were not here.  How many communities of our size can boast a 300-seat concert or exhibition space, with such amazing acoustics?  How many open wild life spaces exist in the middle of a prime development area?  It’s only too easy to take these things for granted, but we can’t expect the church congregation alone to maintain them forever.  It typically costs £50,000 a year just to stop the building deteriorating and even English Heritage does not have unlimited funds.  Increasingly, it’s going to be down to us all to look after it.

Should anyone want the rewarding task of resurrecting ‘The Friends’ all the documentation is available in the church archives.  For further information contact Brian Gott (01223 871002) or All Saints Church, Haslingfield



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  • Maria McElroy


    Seasons Greetings!
    CAMSaxophone Quartet rehearse in Haslingfield (as one of us lives here). We last played in the village for the Queens’ jubilee festivities, and would love to play again. We are able to play for fetes and weddings etc, but can also offer a wide concert selection (from Gershwin to Sondheim to a Klezmer Tryptych and more). We would love to share a concert at your church if the opportunity arises. Please feel free to peruse our website. I hope we can arrange something this year.
    Maria McElroy (


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