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We can recommend four scenic walks around the parish, from a 30 minute tour suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs; up to a challenging 7 mile countryside adventure! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for hidden treasure!

Parish Village Walks Leaflet

County Public Rights of Way Map

For more details, please see Public rights of way and countryside access. There are also plenty of walks in the Cambridge area to enjoy.

By Bus

Haslingfield has three bus routes through the village:

Go Whippet logo
Go-Whippet Service 75Timetable, Map
Five buses a day to and from Cambridge (Monday to Saturday).
Call 01954 230011 or visit
Stagecoach logo
Stagecoach Bus Service 27Timetable, Map
One bus a day to and from Cambridge (Monday to Friday).
Call 01223 433 250 or visit
C G Myall & Son logo
C G Myall & Son Service 15Timetable, PDF, Map
One bus a week to and from Royston (Wednesday only). Call 01763 243225.

There are no bus services after 7pm or on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Finding the correct bus stop can be difficult so we have provided a basic map below –  you can also click on the above ‘Map’ links for bus stops locations.
Bus stops in Haslingfield map

Other bus routes nearby are:

Other Local & National Travel Resources

The Cambridgeshire County Council has comprehensive transport information including real-time bus information and details about Park & Ride, the Guided Bus, Bus Pass Information, as well as cycling and disabled access information.

Cambridge Dial-a-Ride is a charitable organisation which provides transport for groups and individuals who otherwise have difficulty accessing public transport. It offers this service on week days in the City of Cambridge and the villages, including Haslingfield.

Other useful links for travel throughout Cambridgeshire and the UK:

3 thoughts on “Travel & Transport”

  1. Total confusion with the 75 to Cambridge at 11.34 on 5.9.13 and 9.34 on 6.9.13 – not to mention the advertised 1820 from Cambridge on 5.9.,13, which never showed up!

  2. Sadly the confusion described by Donald Judge is not uncommon.
    Bus services in rural areas of Cambridgeshire have been neglected to the point where they cannot be relied upon. We are a mere 6miles from the centre of one of the most economically successful cities in the UK, yet accessing that city is for most ordinary people an expensive challenge. A convenient, well defined and fully regulated service is desperately needed.
    Until our elected representatives take this matter seriously, driving a car will be the only viable way to get around the area thereby perpetuating the traffic problems we know only too well.

  3. There are at last some moves on the local bus changes, No75.
    To view all Reports related to our area you can visit the Cambridge Future Transport website at and click on ‘Working with the Community’ and scroll down to Area G.
    Comments are invited, so please take time to read the options, and respond by Tuesday 30th September. It’s our bus, lets do our best to get it right!

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