Little Theatre
Endowed Primary SchoolLatest Newsletter
Folk Dance Club
Cricket Club
Rainbows (Girl Guiding)
Haslingfield Preschool
Haslingfield Colts U13 Football Club
The Allotment Group’s Jon Spain’s Blog
Scarecrow Festival site for 2012
Haslingfield Bus 75 (Whippet) Timetable
Haslingfield Methodist Church
Cambridge Archaeology Field Group – Haslingfield Report

South Cambs Planning Applications for Haslingfield – (click  this link, page down,  then click search to view).
Local Crime Statistics
Harston Surgery


Other local villages:

Little Shelford
The Eversdens

You can explore other villages in Cambridgeshire or explore Cambridgshire with

There is a growing Wikipedia entry for Haslingfield to which you can contribute.

Haslingfield related articles in the Cambridge Evening news are here. Just type haslingfield in the search box at top right, then click go.

The Police now show a crime map for Haslingfield.

And just for your interest,, another community blogging project just launched in the US by some freinds.

Villages Online – The directory of Villages, Towns and Communities in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Links”

  1. Dear Sirs.
    I note with pleasure the evolution of the village website since my initial visit.
    Navigation and presentation are clear and straightforward, content informative.
    The site editors have my autobiographical ‘bona fides’, such as they are.
    Maybe I have gone beyond the objectives of the website in contacting from
    France. The web being global in nature does offer this possibility! Should this be
    the case I offer apologies, which I hope will be accepted.
    In late summer it was a pleasure to meet Mr and Mrs Dickens and Jo who were en
    route for Spain. A southwest supper and talk of Haslingfield cricket enjoyable.
    Good to see that the status in division 2 is retained, with some excellent
    Yours sincerely,
    Neville James Cole.

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