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  1. First, best wishes for 2012.

    Keeping tabs on my native village during the past year through the website has been of interest. Names and characters from days gone by bringing back memories of growing up more than half a century ago! The piece in the Cambridge News just before Christmas showing how links with France, my present home, have developed. Haslingfield clubs, groups and individuals are very welcome to visit and enjoy our hospitality. Happy New Year to all.
    Neville James Cole.

  2. Whos going to be evicting the travellers that have taken up residence on parish council land? I think I can speak for many residents when I say, this cannot be allowed to alienate young families/mums from going to the beautiful, friendly, safe park we have. I sincerely hope the damage and disrespect that I’ve seen in other villages by the travelling community does not happen here.

    Yours concerned

  3. I thought I should just say a few words on behalf of the tennis club about our traveller neighbours! Since they arrived we have had some coaching sessions and our normal club session on Sunday morning.

    There has been some minor damage to our shed – but with thanks to our coach and other members of the club I think the up to date situation is that things are as calm as we could hope and we have maintained a respectful relationship! We will now just keep our fingers crossed that there is a speedy resolution to the situation and no serious damage.

    Our next club session is on Wednesday evening and I am going to suggest we go prepared to do some “clearing up” if needed (assuming there are no caravans there).

  4. It’s Tuesday afternoon, and there are still tavellers in the village, surely they should have been removed by now?

  5. Apparently they have moved to a nearby farmers field and they are waiting for the Cambridge Summer Fair.

  6. been looking at all your pictures and reading all your news . its good you have kept your self a village and not been swolled up with housing developments. my granddad was born in haslingfield in 1869 but he left when he was about 15. but i have been able to trace the family back in haslingfield to 1640 hoping to come and have a look round the village and the church yard of course to say hello to all my relations

  7. With another year coming to its conclusion may I record thanks for all the information found here on
    my native village. Demographic dynamics well to the fore. A parish council fully occupied.
    Family ties to the village are there with the return of my nephew, close to where he spent his very earliest days, and started school with his grandfather as headmaster. Is this something out of the ordinary?
    The diamond jubilee no doubt a high spot in a very busy schedule.
    Now living in France I find from time to time memories and thoughts stimulated by the site. If my
    contributions have had a Gallic flavour, they simply reflect life as I now find it. The invitaions extended
    for individuals or groups to visit are open; for example a village quiz team to come over for a
    Franco-British contest. Our excellent gastronomy and wines included. A short trip from Stansted.
    A return on home ground.
    In conclusion may I wish you a very happy and peaceful festive season, and look forward to next
    year online.
    Neville James Cole.

  8. I feel very close to Haslingfield ( even thought I live in London ) , My past family lived and worked there from the 1829’s .. Have many connections with family’s from Haslingfield and Harston ..
    If anyone has any information re the Name GWILLIAMS, would be happy to receive it ..

  9. i recently moved into the area after a horrid family divorce nearly destroyed me but ive managed to settle in quite well & with it being a lovely area to drive about & enjot., i am however looking about for a little small job to keep me happy and get known to the community more weather its walking a dog for someone who cant or helping out the elderly that need a trustworthy face please do contact me

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