Haslingfield Art and Craft Workshop for Children

Haslingfield Art and Craft Workshop for Children is run by Prue van der Hoorn for children aged from 6-11 years. We meet every Thursday during term time after school in Haslingfield Village Hall.

The children have made a wide range of crafts since we started in 2007. Some of our projects have included: Mini scarecrows, papermache, glass painting, masks, miniature gardens, model making, painting a canvas to music, outdoor sculpture, kite making, flower arranging, T shirt design, silk painting, clay and many more crafts.

There are usually about 12 children in the Group and Prue has an assistant each week to help with the activities.

Prue is a trained artist and has worked in a primary school for 12 years, so she is able to relate very well with young children.

For further information and charges, please contact Prue or visit the website at: http://prue20.wix.com/artworkshop.

Tel: 01223 872362
Email:  prue@vdhoorn.co.uk

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