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If you would like to comment on these photos please do so below. These photographs were donated to the Haslingfield Village Archive and we assume that this donation allows copyright permission for public display.  We do not show recent photographs and if you see a photograph of a family member that you would prefer us not to show, let us know and we will remove it.  Conversely, the Haslingfield Village Society would really appreciate any comments you may like to submit giving details about the pictures – what was the occasion?  what was the date? what historic village features are shown?  &etc.

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  1. Photo 181 Opening of Methodist Chapel.

    My mother, Sylvia Crow, is standing to the right of Dorothy Travers. Both daughters of Jack and May Peacock, sister-in-laws to Pam Peacock (photo 73)

  2. Dear Sirs,
    A correction to the school football team photo of 1932.
    Among the names quoted is Greg Cole, my late brother.
    As he was born in 1933, he could not have been in the team,
    or the photograph. The Cole connection is there though, as
    father, Mr Eric George Cole, was headmaster then and would have
    selected the team.
    I hope this helps.
    Neville James Cole.

  3. Dear Mr Cole, The caption we have in the village archive for the 1932 School football team says it must be Basil Custerton or Greg Cole. If Greg Cole was not yet born and there is no other Greg Cole floating about, then I assume it must be Basil Custerton. I have amended to caption to say this. Thanks for the input.

  4. Dear Mrs Watson, I have amended the caption to photo 181 to add your comments. Thanks very much for the input.

  5. Ref photo 141.
    Willis Barnard in the photo is my grandfather. The caption said that he emigrated to Canada and had 5 sons. He actual had 2 sons and a daughter, his oldest being my father. The caption also saids (c 1916). Willis emigrated to Canada in 1910 when he was 19 years old so this photo is earlier then 1916.

  6. Hello
    Ref photo no. 4, Cobbler’s shop in Church Street – west of the Marquis of Granby & east of the shop. Cobbler is Mr. Gifford.
    It would seem that Mr Gifford may be my Great Grandfather John Gifford as he was a shoemaker in Haslingfield. Would anyone be able to identify him from the several men who appear in the photo.
    Thanks so much for any help
    Rachel Lord

  7. Re the photo of the inaugural meeting/tea of the over 60’s club, on the last line you mention Mr Fred Dodds (ex- missionery of The Manor) as No. 5. I am fairly certain the lady next to him, No. 4, is his wife, Grace Dodds.

    Pam Holt

  8. Re photo 193, said to be milking shed at River Farm, I think you will find that is the granary in the field behind the current Methodist Chapel, taken from behind the chapel looking towards the old Manor Orchard behind the Dovecote.

  9. Ref 147. Miss Tuck. Does anyone know her first name? My husband’s great grandmother was Martha Tuck , daughter of William Tuck the school master in 1871.

  10. Re photo 245 Lizzie Patman, do you have any further details. My GGG Grandad was Stephen Harrison Patman (b.1838-d.1915) he had been a Sexton in his later years, he had a daughter called Elizabeth who appears on the 1911 census aged 42, I wondered if this is a photo of her, there were a couple more of the same name in the 1911 census.

  11. Thank you John, I found that very useful having found other names on my family tree, Ling, Coxall, Daintry and Farrington.

    1. Photo 251 My grandmother Mrs Rose Gifford and her youngest daughter Janet are in the photo. They lived at Spring Hall Farm, Haslingfield before the Todds moved there in the early 60’s.

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