Haslingfield Village Society Publications

The Society has published various booklets describing the history, buildings and landscape of the village.   These are kept in the Village Archive, may be seen at the regular meetings and *rd items may be purchased there or from John Beresford.     jf.beresford@ntlworld.com.


Beynon, D.J. (1998) That Their Names Shall Live, Haslingfield Village Society Mini-History Series.

Beynon, D.J. (2000) Safe in the Country, Haslingfield Village Society Mini-History Series.

Beynon, D.J. (undated) The Call to Arms! Haslingfield Village Society Mini-History Series.

Branch, C. (2009) Our Lady of Whitehill: Haslingfield’s Medieval Shrine, in Cambridgeshire Association for Local History Review, Autumn p. 14-20.

Branch, J.C. (2006) Haslingfield Manor Walls and Bridge, An Archaeological Survey and Desk Based Assessment.

Cannell, N. (undated) Memories of Haslingfield.

Cannell, N. (1983) Memories of a Haslingfield Childhood, Haslingfield Village Society.

Coxall, D. (Ed.) (1992?) Coxall Family History from 47 to 1992.

Haslingfield Village Society (1984) The Haslingfield Chronicle, 1776-1900.

*Haslingfield Village Society (1994) Walk and Look Round.

*Haslingfield Village Society (1999), Haslingfield in Photographs Past and Present.

*Haslingfield Village Society (2000), Haslingfield 2000: The Record.

Haslingfield Village Society (2000), Haslingfield Millennium Project: Analysis of Questionnaire.

Haslingfield Village Society (2000), The Haslingfield Web (CD).

*Haslingfield Village Society (2006) Welcome to Haslingfield.

Hopkins, H.E. (2006) Monumental Inscriptions and Churchyard Information, All Saints’ Church, Haslingfield.

Malt, S. (1990) Eliza Goode of Haslingfield. Mimeo.

*Oosthuizen, S. (1996) Discovering the Haslingfield Landscape, Haslingfield Village Society.

Stringer, H. (February 2005) An Analysis of Past and Present Names identified as attributed to places in the parish of Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire.

Stringer, H. (2007) Evidence for Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian Settlement in Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire. Prepared for the University of Cambridge Diploma Programme in Local History.

Stringer, H. and Coles, M. (2009) Haslingfield: An Ordinary Village? Blue Ocean Publishing.

Taylor, F.E. (1947) An Emigrant’s Reverie. Mimeo.

2013 WELCOME booklet, with info on village clubs, societies, amenities and facilities.  Distributed free to all Haslingfield residents.


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