Come and see what our village has to offer! Haslingfield Village Hall, April 22nd

On Saturday April 22nd fifteen local groups and organisations will be contributing to a Fair in Haslingfield Village Hall. Doors will be open between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

This will be your chance to see the variety of activities going on in Haslingfield, and perhaps to sign up and join in. Sport, entertainment, music-making, gardening and a host of other pastimes will be represented.

So if you are interested, or just curious, do pop in and see us on April 22nd.  Tea and coffee will be available.

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    This recalls memories of Haslingfield over past decades. Something to suit most
    tastes; intellectual and physical. If I may I t take this opportunity to repeat the
    invitation for a village team to come and enjoy the Franco-British quiz evening
    to help cancer research; The date is 8th of June, a Thursday. A weekend visit to
    include sampling our excellent local food and wines. Places of cultural interest
    nearby. Accommodation with welcoming local homes at no cost; Budget flights
    from Stansted to Toulouse; not much more than an hour. Reception and trans port
    from the airport. Look on the internet for Chateau Lastours Lisle-sur-Tarn, and Gaillac where I live, nearby.. Probably a mention in the regional paper’s report.


  • Susan Thorp


    10 to 2 pm? Church and Village article says 10 to 12 noon. What is the exact timing, please?


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