Volunteers for Haslingfield School Outdoor Redevelopment project

Haslingfield Endowed Primary School has secured funding for the Outdoor Learning Space Redevelopment Project for the Early Years area.

This ambitious plan encourages early learning; promoting outdoor learning opportunities, physical and mental development, imaginative and creative play, language and interpersonal skills.

Thanks go to the Parish Council, Haslingfield United Charities and the PTFA for their generous funding allowing Phase 1 of the works to begin in early June. Ahead of this, a significant amount of preparatory work needs to be carried out by volunteers to remove existing structures and improve what can be reused. We’re hoping this work can take place over the Easter holidays (1st-16th April).

If people could help in any way, could they sign up using the link below? Please share the link with any friends or family who you think could help. These improvements should help encourage Early Years intake, which ultimately benefits the whole school through increased funding, so please do get involved with this community project. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C094EACAB29A6FEC07-early

Laura Donnelly


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