Haslingfield Parish Council Meeting Agenda 14 March 2022

The Haslingfield Parish Council Meeting will be taking place this Monday 14 March at 7.30 pm at the village hall.  To see the agenda, please click: Agenda 14 March 2022

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    One can but hope that the jubilee celebrations can take place. The world situation
    currently casting dark shadows towards the future. Positive steps are needed vis-a vis
    helping refugees/displaced people. I can say that France is providing, often at local group level, practical support. How much impact the following days/weeks will have
    on western Europe, UK included remains to be seen; with implications for the jubilee.
    I have offered via the newsletter site a copy of the 8mm film I took of the 1977 silver
    jubilee in the village. The organisation of village events under Col Hickman. I had the
    honour to write the introductory piece for the brochure. Also in my Ford Fiesta I headed the procession round the village. It should be possible to put the film on
    cd and send. Let me know the village’s thoughts.
    Neville James Cole


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