Platinum Jubilee – Cake Baking competition

To all you budding bakers in the village, there will be a cake baking competition for all to compete. If you want to submit a cake then complete the Cake entry form and drop off the cake at the village hall on the 5th June.  Empty plates can be collected after 5pm. Happy baking….

(more details by clicking picture)

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    Doubtless this will attract interesting,and glamorous entries. Here in France cakes
    of all varieties and sizes are the pride of traditional, often family, bakeries. To be enjoyed, not over-indulged. If it helps, a prize perhaps, I can send a recipe book
    for our cakes and pastries.
    Further French pleasure can, hopefully, be offered. With covid diminished, if not
    totally vanquished, the Franco-British quiz I organise could return late summer
    or early autumn. The grounds of the local vineyard, in the same aristocratic
    family for over 500 years, an excellent setting. Tastings included. The demise
    of the Little Rose means the loss of a quiz venue. A village team welcomed. All
    bi-lingual questions, but I guess village residents can cope with French.
    Enjoy the baking.
    Neville James Cole


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