Country Kitchen Closing

Country KitchenSadly, after 7 1/2 years of trading, Country Kitchen will be closing its doors at the end of August. As always, thanks go to the wonderful support from our lovely customers in and around the village and I hope you will join me in thanking the Country Kitchen partners and staff for the superb job they did in keeping the shop open, and well stocked during the tricky pandemic times.

Work will start in September to bring the building up to current building regulations standard (particularly the fire regulations), and to properly demarcate the division between residential and commercial space. Some demolition will take place on the single storey extension at the back, and it’s the perfect time to replace the windows with conservation sashes, and carry out some general work to refresh the building and smarten it up.

The least sustainable building is one that is empty, and as a great believer in sustainability, we’ll do our very best to complete this work as soon as possible. Watch this space for updates!

Liz Galpin

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  • Carole Robinson


    How Very disappointing that your development plans involve closing Country Kitchen; we are extremely disappointed to be losing such a Valuable village asset.
    The Country Kitchen team have grown a wonderful business, responsive to community needs, providing quality produce at affordable prices, always with good humour & kindness
    The staff have worked with tireless dedication to build a successful business meeting the needs of a wide area.
    We are shocked & very upset & you feel forced to destroy all this Liz.
    Carole & Andy


  • Teresa Harrold


    The village needs to fight not to lose this as a shop. With vastly reduced shop floorspace, with no kitchen or toilet facilities for a shop and the new “change in use” regs. The move will be to turn the whole property into residential accommodation!! This will be a huge loss for Haslingfield and surrounding villages.


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