Haslingfield Parish Council response to EWR consultation

Below is Haslingfield Parish Council’s response to the EWR consultation.

HPC response to consultation

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    From my perspective the parish council has responded as constructively as possible
    to the points in question. Interesting to see the reference to “Thalys” trains in the
    Netherlands and Belgium. The condition of the landscape and its important
    botanic and wildlife content, a well made comment.
    Farming to feed an ever growing national population another key item.
    What appears absent from the EWR content, apart from a minor mention,
    is what is envisaged to be moved by freight.
    From where does this proposed imported freight originate, its contents?
    Why Felixstowe, when nearby continental ports with capacities to handle container
    traffic with rail onward to the channel tunnel, are available?
    Are there interests beyond simple shipping/freight, that are somewhere in the
    background? A sort of Trojan horse in the EWR stable?
    Neville James Cole


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