Haslingfield Parish Council Meeting Agenda 13 December 2021

The Haslingfield Parish Council Meeting will be taking place this Monday 13 December at 7.30 pm at the village hall.  To see the agenda, please click: 2021.12.13 HPC Agenda

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  • Amanda


    Hello Charles – Sorry it has taken a while for you to get a response, your comment has only just been brought to my attention and hope the below response answers your query.

    I am the Royal British Legion poppy collection organiser for Haslingfield and all collectors carry an authorisation card in their collection boxes. Which you or your mother could ask to be shown. I apologise if your mother had two people call, it may be that one of them extended the area they were allocated to ensure the village was covered. All collectors are people that live in the village and give their time to collect and certainly would not be doorstepping for collections, they may, like myself, at first attempt do not get a response call again to give the resident the opportunity to donate should they wish.

    I do need to correct the misinformation you have received re door to door collections being stopped in 2016. I have been an annual village poppy collector for over 20 years, and it has only been in 2020 that there was no door to door collection due to Covid restrictions.



  • Charles


    I left this comment over a month ago, but have had no feedback from website users or Parish Council members, Parish Clerk. It’s an important point I think, and I would like an answer or acknowledgement, especially as I have learned that the Royal British Legion no longer collect door-to-door since roughly 2016.

    So if whoever receives this e-mail is only on the tech side, please make sure it reaches the Council or he Clerk. Here it is pasted below again.

    Thanks, Charles.

    November 8, 2021 at 5:44 pm | #
    Can anyone confirm whether there is any protocol on door-to-door collections for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal in Haslingfield ?
    I was visiting my elderly mother last week & a collector came on Wednesday, & we contributed, receiving 2 poppies.
    My wife just tells me that when I was out shopping on Thursday, another collector came, & did not leave swiftly when my mother couldn’t find cash, or even after seeing the poppies already bought.
    I hope both collectors were legitimate, but even if so, I am concerned that elderly residents are being doorstepped repeatedly for contributions, however worthy the cause.
    Any clarification would be very welcome.


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