Food vans in the village this week

Welcome to another week with sunny and wet days ahead.  At the Haslingfield Village Hall this week (5-8pm):  Thursday (17/6): We welcome back Pull Me Cheri who are the super team from the famous Maison du Steak!  Friday (18/6): La Biga pizza.  Saturday (19/6): We welcome for the first time, Vonnie’s Balkan Express.  If you’ve never had Balkan cuisine before, you MUST try it. Delicious, flavour packed and healthy!  Sunday (20/6): Not Operating.
Although COVID restrictions are being gradually relaxed, remember Hands. Face. Space if standing in a queue.  And as always don’t forget to support our super local businesses including The Harlton Hare and Hounds, La Pergola, Little Rose and The Moringa Tree.

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