Food vans in the village this week

It’s Monday again! Forget football for another 55 years…For a result that can be certain, great flavours are coming our way at the Haslingfield Village Hall this week (5-8pm):  Thursday (15/7): Buffalo Joe’s and their super sticky and tasty poultry creations are back! Don’t miss out…  Friday (16/7): La Biga for almost endless pizza options (yes it means’ you’ll be “supporting” Italy!).  Saturday (17/7): Kerief Catering and their Caribbean flavour fusions.  Sunday (18/7): not operating.

Although COVID restrictions are being gradually relaxed, remember Hands. Face. Space if standing in a queue.  And as always don’t forget to support our super local businesses including The Harlton Hare and Hounds and La Pergola.  Your FINAL chance to visit The Moringa Tree is today, July 12th.

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