Beware! COVID Vaccine Scam

Scammers continue to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to commit fraud. Fraudsters are sending fake text messages, claiming you are entitled to a dose of the newly-approved vaccine. Bogus message states that you are entitled to a vaccine and to receive more info should click on the link. Unfortunately, these texts are fake. Once you click on the link, you find a webpage, branded to look like a genuine NHS page, which requests to see ‘proof of ownership of address’ in the form of your bank account, sort code and a full bank card number. Do NOT give your bank or card details to make payment for a vaccine or to prove your residential address.
Coronavirus vaccines are FREE and the NHS will never ask for any money or your bank details.
Further information about scams is available here.
Nigel Sutton Cyber Protect Officer Cambridgeshire Police

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    Not just the covid vaccine. All manner of spurious temptations involved, from sources who knows where. Never respond and consign to waste oblivion.
    Verify addresses used for sending and reception. The slightest doubt, eliminate,
    and with repeats inform competent authorities.
    Be safe, take care.


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