Anthony Browne MP: Link to Public Meeting on EWR Consultation – 21 April 2021

This evening (21 April) Anthony Browne MP ran a public meeting regarding EWR’s proposed route from the Eversdens to Little Shelford, which of course runs through Haslingfield. You can access the meeting on YouTube here.


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    Plenty of concerns expressed from local residents.
    An interesting reference was made at the outset to the Dutch and Belgian TGV lines
    The Dutch have a mastery in water control; a Dutchman organised the first major
    fen drainage, the Bedford Levels three centuries ago. The Dutch and Belgian rail
    lines carry modern electric TGV services operated as Thalys and Eurostar, plus
    freight to Antwerp and Europort Rotterdam. These ports, plus Le Havre, receive
    the container ships, like the one that blocked the Suez Canal, originating from
    Asia. Freight is a consideration of the proposed line, to serve post Cambridge,
    Felixstowe. Will Felixstowe cope with the number of containers arriving?
    The continental rail lines can take containers from the above ports to the Channel
    tunnel using established lines. The UK end supplying onward connections.
    Theoretically reduced demand and volumes of freight from Felixstowe.
    Are the freight shipping companies involved with this new route?
    The growing influence of Asia globally?
    From the graphics it appears that the southern route is like two sides of a triangle to
    avoid Cambridge.
    Not least are the aesthetic and cultural qualities of the area, which would be
    compromised by the southern route. Perhaps “small beer”, I recall all those years ago growing up in Haslingfield visiting the quarry for the pleasure of seeing three
    orchid varities there. Something noted by botanic experts. Birds, animals and reptiles too. A quality of life that may not return with the passage of EWR.
    Quite simply this rail proposal encompasses elements of European and world
    consideration, alongside the local and national.
    Much work has clearly been done at all levels to achieve a sensible, viable solution
    on which the future can evolve.
    Neville James Cole
    on which the future will evolve.
    Neville James Cole


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