Beware HMRC Scam

I would like to make you aware of a scam
An email or text message that sates it’s from HMRC.GOV.UK
The government has taken urgent action to list coronavirus as a notifiable disease in law as a result of this they are issuing a new tax refund programme. You are eligible for a refund of…….
Access your fund now.

Emails, text messages, instant messages such as the one below are a scam. Do not click on blue or any colour links within electronic messages unless you have verified who the sender is.
If in doubt, don’t click.
Links are just a shortcut to a website.
Instead, you could consider logging into your account the message refers to, using your tried, tested and trusted way.
So, if the message appears to be from HMRC and you do actually have a HMRC account, then come out of your email account and visit and login that way rather than clicking on a link.
If you don’t have a HMRC account then be very suspicious and ignore it.

Visit Action Fraud the national reporting centre for fraud and computer crime

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