Update on Full Fibre in Haslingfield

This is to update you on the progress for the Full Fibre Project in Haslingfield to date.
Firstly, thanks for your pre-order and support on the project, it is great that you can all see the benefit in having the next generation of broadband brought to the village.
As it currently stands we are approximately 75% to the target, in the last month there has been 25 pre-orders submitted,  if we keep this rate up we should meet the required threshold for Haslingfield in January/February. We also have a progress update personalised advert going into the village magazines January print, which should help get the project over the line.

To help us reach this goal sooner and therefore start the build sooner, there are some things you can do to help;

  • Allow us to put an estate agent sign up outside your property with County Broadband branding on, this shows the community you support the venture and can generate awareness from people passing by. Obviously there is no cost to do this, I can assist if you consent to having one. 
  • Talk to and encourage neighbours to look into the project and act fast as the pre-order benefits are only available until we meet the threshold. Feel free to pass on my details for people who require further information or have queries, my number is 07943316887 or contactable via email.
  • Post local threads, email chains, social media, Nextdoor.com etc.
  • If you know any residents of Harston, please also pass on the message and my details as we are going to build through Harston to get to Haslingfield.
  • Harry Stevenson
    Community Sales Executive

Comments (2)

  • Ron


    Hi Pam
    The problem with the existing infrastructure is that it is based on copper wire technology and has become obsolete as not fast enough. They will however try to use the existing trunking wherever possible and the upheaval will be kept to a minimum. The copper wire telephone is now almost 150 years old and hopefully the fibre installation will be with us for the next 150 years. Ron van der Hoorn


  • Pam Holt


    One of the things that bothers me about this offer is that they will not be using existing infrastructure so there will be more digging up of ground for cables (even if they use moles for some) etc and more boxes installed.


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