Map of East West Rail Environmental Survey Locations

A local resident has kindly put together a Google map of the locations of East West Rail Environmental surveys known to us.  As I said in my previous post we have not yet been able to get this information from East West Rail or their contractor Ardent. The map is available on this link.

It’s publicly editable, so please add other addresses as you find out about them (just type an address into the top box, then click “add to map” below the address). If you don’t know any, please tell other local people about this map! This may be personally identifiable information so please make sure you have consent before adding addresses. If you see your address on the map and don’t want it there, please feel free to delete it.

As you can see if you look at the map, the survey locations so far indicate that EW rail are thinking about taking a route along the south of the search area. But this picture may change if people can accurately add further EW Rail environmental survey locations that they have heard about.
On a related matter, the response by EWR to their 2019 consultation, explaining their decision to go for option E states that this route would “Connect to the West Anglia Main Line at/around Shepreth Junction near Great Shelford”.  Although it is called “Shepreth Junction”, this is a junction just to the north of Great Shelford and nowhere near Shepreth. The West Anglia Main Line is the one that goes from Cambridge to Liverpool Street and stops at Great Shelford.

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