Cambridge City Foodbank: A Different Way to Help

It is extremely important to remember everyone who uses the Foodbank. In 2019, 9,243 three-day emergency food supplies were given to people in crises, and the need continues. We have seen so many pictures of people stockpiling, but for others it is a case of hoping to be able to feed their families. The Foodbank is always grateful for your support, but maybe you could think of doing it in a different way – by donating money! This way, urgently needed goods can be bought.

There are 2 ways of helping: Donate with Virgin Money Giving (the charity’s preferred option) where 100% of your donation goes to the charity. To donate, please click here. OR set up a standing order here. Both of these options can be cancelled at any time.

After Christmas they had masses of packets of Pasta (we must have a thing about stockpiling it!!!) but were short of other items. At this difficult time, money can buy the foods that are urgently needed. We will be happy to receive food items when the crisis is over.

Thank you for your support.

Christine Kipping

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