Drone Survey of Haslingfield Church

Chris Burgoyne of Emmanuel College and Dr Michael Ramage of the Dept of Architecture are conducting a photogrammetry survey of Haslingfield Church, with the agreement of the Vicar.  We have taken a large number of photographs from ground level but wish to take more photos from an elevated position to see details that cannot be seen well, or at all, from below. 

Michael is a CAA-approved drone pilot and will comply with all regulations.  These require that no-one be beneath the drone while it is flying so for the short time of the flights we will ask people to stay out of the churchyard.  The flight will take place between the church and the tall trees in the church yard and no photographs will be taken of any properties outside the churchyard.

We cannot say yet when the flight will take place since it depends on Michael’s availability and also on the weather since we need to avoid both direct sunshine and high winds.  We will put up notices when the flights are underway but we do not expect them to last very long.  The flights will not take place while any services are expected and we will liaise with Becca.  If anyone has any queries or concerns please contact Chris at cjb@eng.cam.ac.uk or 871111.

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