Next Village Society Talk

On Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 8.00pm in Haslingfield Village Hall, Jenny Oxley, Curator/Manager of Royston Museum will talk on Royston Tapestry and the History of Royston and its Museum”.  


Prehistoric sea creatures, Romans, Black Death, a mysterious cave – all these and more can be found on the Royston Tapestry.  In 1993, the tapestry was started as a way to record Royston’s history.  Fourteen scenes have so far been stitched onto one continuous piece of linen; each scene illustrates the town’s rich and diverse past.  Currently, the fifteenth and final scene is being worked on at the Royston Museum.  Completing a section, just a few centimetres square, can take several hours due to the detail of the design and the skill required. The finished tapestry will be over 25 metres long and will cover a period reaching back 64 million years. 

This talk will follow a brief AGM.  Everyone is most welcome. Members and 16’s and under free,  £2.50 for visitors.




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