‘Crack-down’ days where parking is a problem in South Cambs villages

Message from James Sutherland (Police, Chief Inspector, South Cambridgeshire)

I’m aware from the email that I receive and from Neighbourhood Panel meetings that parking is a constant concern in many villages.  I’ve been giving some considerable thought on how we can meet your expectations on parking enforcement.  I have set up an online web-page were you can report concerns about parking.  The information that you give us will go directly to me and will help me build up a picture of the exact hot-spots for parking issues.  I will then use this information on targeted ‘crack-down’ days. I’m not pretending that this will solve all parking problems, however I do think that it strikes the right balance between dealing with parking concerns and the other important work that we do.

The web page is live right now and you can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/SouthCambs-Parking


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