Would You Like to Sponsor the Church Floodlighting?

When the floodlighting of All Saints’ Church was installed in 2003 a sponsorship scheme was set up to ensure that funds would always be available for maintenance and the cost of electricity.  The scheme offers a rather nice way of marking special occasions and remembering loved ones, with a ‘certificate’ carrying appropriate wording posted on a notice board in the church porch.  By the end of 2016 the scheme will have raised more than £4600 from over 300 donations, but  the number of sponsors has reduced over the years and we now need to introduce the idea to more people.  
For further information, or to ask for a form on which to record your message, please contact:

Brian Gott
01223 871002

For an account of the floodlighting story  

History of the church floodlighting

In  2002 the then Rector, Peter Owen Jones, asked the Friends of Haslingfield Church to organise the ‘650 Festival’ to celebrate  the anniversary of the re-dedication of the Church in 1352.  The main event was attended by over 600 people, representing some 38% of the village population.  Of the many attractions organised that weekend, one was the floodlighting of the Church tower.

The reaction to the floodlighting was much greater than we could have imagined, with many people asking whether this could be done on a permanent basis. Some villagers were so keen that they offered to donate towards the costs.  Following a rapid appeal, more than sufficient funds were raised, including a grant from South Cambs District Council, Conservation Dept. 

After consultation with local residents, the Lords Bridge radio telescope people (light pollution), the PCC, the Arch Deacon and the local planning authority, the project kicked off in the autumn of 2002, beginning with experimentation to decide the colour and intensity of the lights.  It was managed and led by Mr Barry Robinson, a chartered electrical engineer who was also instrumental in obtaining the SCDC grant.  All the work was carried out by volunteers, while a number of businesses in the area donated time and equipment so that costs were reduced to a minimum. Mr Ian Hildrew, a local electrical contractor, kindly offered to inspect and sign off the installation for official purposes, and we were advised throughout by a Mr Norman Christmas who had wide experience of floodlighting churches in Norfolk and Suffolk. He it was who suggested that the lights should be directed at the corners of the building rather than face on, an arrangement that enhances shadows and emphasises architectural detail.  He also advised on appropriate suppliers and obtained the lighting.  The lights are powered via an ‘intelligent’ control box which turns them on at sunset throughout the year and off at 11.30 pm (as currently set). 

Towards the end of the project it was realized that a low wattage internal floodlight illuminating the East Window would greatly enhance the view of the church at night.  This was installed as a portable unit plugged into an ordinary 13 amp socket and an ordinary domestic timer. 

On Saturday 19th April 2003, at a small ceremony, the floodlights were officially switched on and dedicated to Fusilier Kelan Turrington, who had recently been killed in Iraq.


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