Increase in bicycle thefts from South Cambs villages

Dear Residents,

Reported in the Cambridge News back in July “The £1 million pound bike theft in Cambridge (….and that’s just in 1 year). Thieves stole more than 2,000 bicycles in Cambridge last year.

There is also a noticeable increase in reported thefts of bicycles from South Cambs villages.

7pm on 10/09 and 12.30 on 11/09 Chapmans close, Melbourn, gents cycle from the rear garden which has 6’ fencing and a gate which was locked at the side of the house. CF0403380916.

09/09/2016 17:00 Limes Rd, Hardwick, left push bike in their front garden unlocked, at the above time it was stolen.

7.50am and 4pm on 05/09 Highfields road, Caldecote unknown offender(s) cut padlock from Raleigh gents mountain bike from the cycle ring at the bus stop on High fields road. CF0395470916

31/08/2016 18:05hrs High Street, Harston, left his bike unattended and which was stolen shortly afterwards.

18:00 25/08/2016- 19:00 26/08/2016 Hines Lane, Comberton, a silver Krypt mountain bike with pink lettering, with a pink and white helmet attached, left insecure. CF0378970816 refers.

Police advice on cycle theft prevention: Always lock up your bike, wherever it is being left and use at least a good quality D-lock, although two locks are best – it makes it harder to steal as the thief needs different tools for each lock. Lock your bike to a cycle rack, in a busy area, that is well lit. Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or other immoveable object and fill the lock with as much of the bike as possible. Security mark and register bikes with the unique ID at or Create a new contact in your mobile phone for your bike.Take a photo of your bike and add it to the new contact. Add the frame number.


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