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Little Rose Pub

Little Rose Pub

The Little Rose pub recently played host to Siv Sears. He’s set himself a target of playing cribbage in every county in the UK and then perhaps setting up a national Cribbage competition. He’s a 38 year old Englishman with a passion for Cribbage. Having just returned to his native UK from China, where he’s have lived for most of the last 15 years, he’s been interested to find that Crib in the UK is very much locally organised, rather than both nationally and locally organised as he’s seen before in the States. As such, he’s set himself 4 goals. To see them, click Read More:-

1) Over the next year, I intend to play crib in every county* in England developing contacts around the land
2) Write an account of these travels into a book of some sort (whether publishable or not).
3) Use the contacts gained through this experience to try to organise a national tournament in 2016.
4) Use all of this to see if there is a need/demand for a UK cribbage association.
In 2011 he played at the “World’s largest cribbage competition” in Reno, Nevada. It was amazing to see nearly 1,000 cribbage players going at it simultaneously at a single venue. While the UK is a long way from that right now, he would like to think that we could get to a similar level in the future. The American Cribbage Congress have done great work on the other side of the Atlantic to promote the game and keep the tradition alive.
In the UK he’s found that while there are plenty of (mostly older) players around, there is little or no contact between groups or regions, and some regions seem to have no organised cribbage action at all. Not many young people seem to be learning the game. This is the country that invented cribbage. Sive can see that a little work would be useful to protect what is, essentially, part of our national heritage.
As part of Siv’s cribbage odyssey, he was delighted to receive such a warm welcome from the gang at the Little Rose. Siv’s tentative inquiry about the possibility of finding a game was very promptly responded to and captain Tony Bennet wasted no time at all in agreeing to a Saturday afternoon match. Siv found that there are a couple of lovely brass topped long boards at the Little Rose and a delightful environment to play in. Of all the pubs in Cambridgeshire that I could have ended up in for his match up in the county, it was the Little Rose that drew Siv in. This is testament to the great community work that is being done at the Little Rose.
If anybody has any advice or suggestions for Siv with regards to his crib projects, please do get in touch. He’s really interested in any cribbage anecdotes that might bubble up to the surface., now based in Norfolk.

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