CamSight House-to-House Collection

100-camsight-logo-rgbThank you to everyone who supported the collection in June.  £323.99 was collected in Harlton and £1,246.45 in Haslingfield, making a grand total of £1,570.44. In addition, a further £100 will be added as the result of kind people Gift Aiding their donation.

If you have a jar of small change, perhaps you might like to give it to CamSight at any time during the year and these donations could be added to the amounts raised by our 2 villages. If you would like to give your “Cash to Camsight”, you can leave it with either

Jean Sayers, 47, High Street, Harlton
Christine Kipping, 1 Stearne’s Yard, Haslingfield

CamSight is often the first “Port of Call” when people are diagnosed with a condition that affects their eyesight. CamSight is there to provide aids as soon as they are needed, as well as offering advice and emotional support.

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