Minutes of the Parish Council meeting 12th January 2015


Minutes of meeting held on Monday January 12th 2014

Present – Bob Branch, Trina Backhurst, Tony Adcock, Jenny Jullien, Sue Watson and Julie Coxall.

County Councillor Sebastian Kindersley was in attendance. There was one member of the public

present. Also present were John Pym, Senior Planning Officer, and Tracy Mann, Community

Infrastructure, from SCDC and John Evans from the City Council, Cambridge.

1 Apologies for absence – District Councillor Robin Page, John Offord, Ron van der Hoorn,

Christine Kipping, Lucian Hatfield

2 Declarations of interest – None

3 District Councillor’s Report –Robin Page sent his apologies

4 County Councillor’s Report –Sebastian Kindersley described the ongoing issues with

the Balfour Beatty street lighting project. There have been numerous complaints and

he had received only general apologies from Balfour Beatty, who apparently continue

to ignore the problems reported. The CEMEX development planned for Barrington

will be going to the March SCDC Planning Committee. The Local Transport strategy

informing City Deal and Local Plans says steps should be taken to address the

congestion of the A10 and A14, which can only get worse.

5 Open Forum for public participation – Paul Bonnington spoke about the Tennis Club

application for floodlighting and a third court. He explained that the lights will only

light up the area of two of the tennis courts and the light intensity outside the court

boundaries will be low at1 lux only. The courts will be used no later than 9.30pm,

with reasonable discretion on match days to complete matches and on other evenings

are likely to finish earlier. Mr Bonnington addressed the issues raised in a local

objection before the Council finalised its comment as noted in item 10.

6 Open Forum – SCDC/City Council Briefing on Trumpington Meadows Phase 8

The team briefed on the future development of Trumpington Meadows including

Phase 8 and on the Community Governance Review. All phases 1-5 have been

constructed around the John Lewis depot. They are currently on site with Phase 6,

which is situated around the conservation area and has views of the church. Phase 7

was approved 4 months ago. Phase 8 straddles the character area, moving down to a

more urban area.

7 Open Forum – SCDC Briefing on Community Governance Review – A new Parish

will be formed in the Trumpington Meadows area in SCDC and Haslingfield Parish

will be reduced in size, using the M11 as a natural boundary. It was suggested that

some ‘old’ Haslingfield Parish Councillors should be involved in the new Parish

Council, yet to be named. An SCDC legal team will draft an order for consideration

by the Boundary Commission and there will be formal consultations in the next 12

months. Section 106 money raised from the development will go to the new parish.

The City Council will be managing the open spaces and some monies, including City

Deal, will become available for the cycle path. The new parish will take time to

develop and will mean more applications coming forward to HPC for consideration.

8 To approve and sign the minutes of the meeting of December 8th 2014 – approved and

signed. Proposed TB, Seconded TA

9 Matters to be reported from these minutes – None

10 Planning applications and decisions:

S/2934/14/LB – River Farm House, Harston Rd, underfloor heating, insulation,

pipework and plasterwork – Approved

S/2870/14/FL – Recreation Ground, New Rd, floodlighting on 2 tennis courts and

construction of an extra court – Approved

Permissions granted by SCDC: S/0228/14/FL – 16 Badcock Rd, demolition of

garage & construction of 2 storey dwelling –11/12/2014;

S/2420/14/FL –75 New Road, construction of timber garden studio 04/12/2014;

S/2115/14/FL – Grove Farm, Church St, replacement 1.5 storey dwelling and

detached outbuilding following demolition –22/12/2014;

Stopping up of Highway – Cantelupe Rd; SCDC authorised 23/12/2014

Permissions refused by SCDC: S/2314/14/PA – The Dairy, Grove Farm, proposed

change of use into 2 dwellings; 24/12/2014

11 Additional matters for discussion – Section 106 Form for the development at Fountain Lane

was signed – Proposed TB, Seconded JJ. Form to take over the Street Light at Chestnut Close

was signed – Proposed TA, Seconded JC – both approved.

12 Budgets – Amendment to the Budget for Connections Bus– TA to investigate the payments

to date and to find out if children pay. Proposed TB, Seconded JJ – approved Action TA

Motion to submit precept request for 2015/16. Proposed JJ, Seconded TB – approved

Action RB

13 Committee and Working Party Reports;

  1. a) Environment – RB to look at suitable trees for planting in the Community Orchard. Bob

Branch will be meeting with the tree officer of SCDC to discuss replacement trees

for Lilac Close, the Recreation Ground and the Wellhouse Meadow

JJ to ask Sam Bowden to remove the ivy on the tree planted outside 2 The Elms.

Action RB/JJ

  1. b) Village Hall – TA has been liaising with contractors undertaking the refurbishment at the

Village Hall. On track for completion by 13th February 2015. One side at a time will be

refurbished and the contractors ask the public to respect the signs saying an area is

out of use. TA will meet with them each Monday morning for an update.

Action TA

  1. c) Allotments – Nothing to report
  2. d) Trumpington Meadows – No meeting to report
  3. e) Play Area – JC to look at Skate Park area during the week Action JC
  4. f) Website & C&V – February Newsletter to go on the website this month
  5. g) Parish Emergency Plan – Each Councillor was given the code to access broadband for

meetings at the Village Hall.

  1. h) Skate Park –The repair work is planned to be undertaken this month by Clever Curves.
  2. i) Traffic Calming Measures – RB will tell CCC we will carry any costs over £10,000

grant. He will speak to Karen Lunn about the need for a red patch of tarmac to warn

drivers of speed limits, etc. £800 per year will be put in the budget towards replacing this

every 5-7 years. All measures proposed SW, Seconded JJ – approved Action RB

14 Correspondence –

Red BT Phone Box opposite Lilac Close –TA asked if the special half price offer for a

defibrillator was still available. There is currently a special price offer of £800 plus a 50%

rebate. HPC will buy new at up to £950 if of good quality. TA to talk to CK

Proposed TA, Seconded JJ – approved Action TA

RB has sent an email to the person at SCDC who previously objected to taking over the red

phone box as a community asset, on the grounds that it was still in occasional use. If no

further objections received, we will take over the asset to house the defibrillator and be used

as a Book Exchange. Proposed SW, Seconded TB – approved Action RB

Ask Keith Murray to put Little Rose article 4 consultation letter the website Action FL

15 Finance – Resolution to pay outstanding accounts – Proposed TB, Seconded JC – approved.

Salaries – Clerk, Roy Brown, Alan Stevens

Date of next meeting Monday 9th February 2015 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

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