Old Haslingfield in the News – Special Treatment for Haslingfield Pupils

From deep in the 19th century the Haslingfield United Charities had given annual scholarships to pupils at Haslingfield School who passed an exam to enter either to the Perse or the Cambridge and County High Schools ……

 These scholarships paid for school tuition fees as well as a free railway pass to and from Lord’s Bridge or Harston railway stations. In February 1903 the governors announced that there had been no suitable candidates from Haslingfield in the past three years, so they were opening the competition to the neighbouring villages of Barrington, Barton, Comberton, Grantchester, Harlton, Harston, Hauxton and Trumpington.

Almost nine times as many children would therefore qualify for entry, and this caused uproar within the village. Haslingfield scholarships for Haslingfield children! Perhaps to stave off such criticism, the governors decided to allow Haslingfield candidates to have 10% of their marks added to their total scores above and beyond those of other candidates. Special treatment indeed!

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  • Lisa Stebbing


    Very interesting information. I am also interested in any publications about Haslingfield in the 1800s to complement my family history research. William and Mary Ann Barnard had a daughter Ann who was a school mistress. Her brother Newling is my ancestor.


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