Village Shop Order Facility

Village Shop & Post Office

Village Shop & Post Office

It is possible to order whatever fruit and vegetables from the Village Shop that you want as well as any bakery items. The shop has daily deliveries from Newnham Bakery so it’s possible to order any bakery item, including French Sticks and Tiger Bread. Fresh vegetables are also delivered daily, and again any type of fruit and veg can be ordered and delivered on request. A Dry Cleaning service is also available which delivers 3 days a week to the shop, with generally a 2 day turnaround. Click Read More for more information…

The shop also has the usual supply of newspapers and magazines, a wide range of groceries and confectionery, fresh milk, hot drinks, cold drinks, wines and spirits, greeting cards and stationery, plus ‘bits and pieces’ such as batteries, drawing pins, etc. Its Opening Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 7am-5pm; Wednesdays: 7am-4.30pm; Saturdays: 8am-1.30pm & Sundays: 8am-11am.

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