Old Haslingfield in the News – Where Can I Vote?

In a month when one particular election is very much in the news, I thought that this item from the Cambridge Independent Press in September 1913 would be of some interest.

Registering for a vote seems to have been quite complicated then. A Mr. Finney, the son of the Lord’s Bridge stationmaster, had to attend a hearing to claim for a lodger’s vote at the premises. Unfortunately for him, his father’s house was in two parishes – Haslingfield and Barton.

The son wanted to be able to vote in Haslingfield. The father pointed out that when his son was in bed his head was in Haslingfield and his feet were in Barton.

This caused understandable mirth in the court. Alas, the resolution of the case was not recorded.

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    Is the election in the news the proposed European Union referendum?
    One should vote with the head, so Haslingfield the choice.


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