Old Haslingfield in the News – a new book

This month’s post is in the form of an advertisement.

Regular readers will have noticed that the postings this year have been based upon news items printed in the ‘Cambridge Independent Press’ between 1901 and 1920. The Village Society is now publishing all the news items referring to Haslingfield in a book entitled ‘Haslingfield in the News, 1901-1920’. The book is 120 pages long, contains a large number of photographs, and will retail at only £6. It will be available from local shops, at Village Society events and directly from me at jf.beresford@ntlworld.com. All profits will go to the Village Society.

The book contains a range of stories including fires, accidents, scandals and biographies. It is the ideal Christmas stocking-filler for members and friends of the family in Haslingfield, and for those who have moved away. It follows on directly from ‘The Haslingfield Chronicle, 1776-1900’ which is still on sale for £3.50. We hope to publish news items after 1920 as they become available.

Buy, and enjoy!

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