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BusDear Mr Edmondson,

Thank you for your email regarding the bus services in the village. I am pleased to hear you are happy with the proposed changes to the number 75 bus service. Proposed timetables are currently out for tender which is a long process. A confirmed timetable should be agreed in April, with the view to commence in May.   Please see our response to your points below:  Click Read More

  • The location of bus stops can be reviewed by the Passenger Transport team, however, CCC has no budget or responsibility to provide or upgrade bus shelters, this will fall to the parish council. If you wish to discuss the location of a bus stop please email passenger.transport@cambridgeshire.gov.uk, otherwise please contact your parish council clerk to see if they are happy to discuss your concerns.
  • Timetables in existing cases at bus stops will be replaced with the new timetable when the new bus service commences. However, there is no funding from CCC to provide additional cases at stops where there is currently no case.
  • As part of the Cambridgeshire Future Transport project, all reviewed bus services will be publicised locally with the help of parish councils and key local members in the weeks up to the start date of the new service. There is unfortunately no specific publicity budget so we rely heavily on these contacts to help distribute leaflets, posters and timetables locally. For other new bus services, timetables have been delivered with parish newsletters, or distributed by a local representative door-to-door. We can provide as many copies as necessary. However, as mentioned the budget for ongoing publicity is very limited so ongoing /regular distribution of timetables on a large scale is unlikely to be possible.

Regarding using Trumpington P&R as a hub, currently the Busway route B connects at the site, as does many National Express coach services. The number 7 and 26 bus services are both commercially run by Stagecoach and any intention to amend the routes of these services would be determined by them. We currently have no knowledge they intend to also use the park & ride site as a hub.

I hope this has helped answer your questions. However, if you have any more queries do get in touch.

Kind regards,


Stacey Miller
Community Engagement Officer – Cambridgeshire Future Transport


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