Dial-a-Ride Needs Your Help

BusCambridge Dial-a-Ride  is a charitable organisation which provides transport for groups and individuals who otherwise have difficulty accessing public transport. It offers this service on week days in the City of Cambridge and surrounding villages, including Haslingfield.  We are asking for your help in recommending us for a small grant.

We have an opportunity to benefit from a portion of the £10000 that is being put up as cash for the community.  Cambridge Building Society and Cambridge News have again got together to run the event.

Apparently 15 charities will benefit. 10 have already been decided the other 5 have to be voted for. Cambridge Dial-a-Ride is one of the charities that needs your vote.

I would be very pleased if you would spend hopefully, just a little time voting for us by going to:`www.cambridge-news.co.uk, type ‘cash in the community’ into the search box and follow the resulting link.  Alternatively go to www.surveymonkey.com/r/C4TC2015

Thank you in anticipation.

Alan Edwards
Chairman of the Trustees

(PS you can only vote once on an individual computer but you can vote on other computers in the household.)


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