Faith to Live by Service

methodist windowYou are invited to join us at Haslingfield Methodist Church at 6.30pm on Sunday 1st November 2015 for our ‘Faith To Live By’ evening led by Revd Dr Michael Wilson.   There cannot be many families able to tell a story like this – Methodist missionary in China during the Japanese war and the Revolution- expulsion from mainland China etc.

The format will include a short time of worship, an address by Mike and discussion with refreshments.   Why not join us to hear this unique story.



  Paul Jefferies was Michael Wilson’s father-in-law. As a schoolboy he became convinced that God was calling him to China. He got there in 1943, and worked in Hunan as a Methodist missionary through the Japanese war and then the Revolution. Expelled in 1950, he was posted to Hong Kong for 14 years, where he worked in the Chinese refugee community. In 1964 he helped set up and then became the founding dean of the Chung Chi Divinity Faculty of Hong Kong University. This talk is a modified version of the lecture given by Michael Wilson in honour of Paul at Chung Chi on 19th March 2015. The Paul Jefferies Scholarship, inaugurated that day, has been created to bring Hong Kong Methodist students back to Wesley House, where Paul originally trained for Christian ministry.

Revd Dr Michael Wilson will be bringing some of  Paul Jefferies’ books and some photos taken by him of pre-war China from the time he was a missionary there.  If you would like to look at these, Mike advises people to come a little earlier than 6.30pm to give time to look at them.  There will not be sufficient time in his talk to cover them.


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