All Saints’ Church Haslingfield


All Saints’ are delighted to announce that we will soon be installing new comfortable and warm chairs in the Nave of the church to replace all our Victorian pews.  The 21 medieval pews, 3 ceremonial medieval chairs and 9 Victorian children’s pews that are in the church will be retained. Ten of the longest pews will be lovingly shortened and restored to match the short ones already in the aisles.

The installation of comfortable chair seating has been an integral part of our vision for enhancements to the church since 2004. At that time it was considered to be only second in importance to the installation of toilets. Following the installation of the toilets in March 2010, complex negotiations seeking approval for the chairs from Ely Diocese have further slowed progress.  In the meantime we have revamped the Vestry to create a comfortable warm soundproof room for the children’s Sunday Club and church meetings.  After a long time of consulting with the Diocese and others, we have at last been granted permission for our plan by the Chancellor.  If you would like to see the approved new chairs, we have four samples on view in the church.

We believe this is an exciting time and promises much for the future of All Saints as we seek to extend our welcome and bless this community we serve in new ways. Alongside comfort and warmth, the chairs bring an exciting new flexibility and opportunity for us all and so with your support, we’d love to install the chairs in time for our Christmas celebrations.

The money needed for improving the church seating is £24,000 and we already have £10,000, half of which was raised by The Friends (now retired).   We are creating a Book of Sponsors as a special, and permanent record of every person/ family/ group/ company who formally donates to the Softer Seating Scheme.  We are also offering the chance to sponsor a chair (£100 each) either as a gift or in dedication to the memory of a loved one.  A small brass dedication plaque can be attached to the chair if appropriate.

If you are the praying type, please pray that we will cover our costs in time to welcome many from our surrounding community to enjoy Christmas and its Concerts at All Saints this year in comfort.

We hope you can support our efforts to raise this money quickly by making a donation or sponsoring a chair(s).  You may also be interested in buying a pew.  Please contact David Rutherford (01223 871585) or the Churchwardens Richard Webster and Neil Staples for more details of our Plan and pick up a donation form to give us your details.


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