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eaden lilleyA WONDERFUL PLACE TO SHOP!: Many will remember Eaden Lilley Department Store in Cambridge and other places.   Mr.Eaden Lilley, himself, is the Tues. May 20 speaker at the Haslingfield Village Society, Village Hall. 8 pm. “From the birth to death of a family department store, 1676 to 2009.  Your opportunity to learn about the history of W. Eaden Lilley & Co. Ltd from its inception to its demise.  The talk will cover the generations of family involvement in the business life of Cambridge.  Eaden will try and give a feeling of the social and cultural aspects of a family business through the decades.  A small selection of the company archive will be on display on the evening.”

This will be proceeded by a short AGM.  All are very welcome

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  • vanessa summerhill


    Please could you tell me how to get in touch with Mr Eden Lilly please.
    The Cottenham Village Society would be very intersted in having Mr Lilly come and speak at one of our Village Society meetings.


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